Why Join RadioFX Charts?

For the Industry

As a promoter, label, artist, manager, etc., there are limited options to access information about when and where your songs are being played on college radio. What makes RadioFX Charts worth your while? Not only are our charts more accurate than other charting platforms, they are 100% reflective of what’s really happening on college stations. Because music directors no longer manually input their adds and spins, we automatically pull the metadata from stations’ streams, giving you automatic, accurate, up-to-date information on where and how often your music is being played.

Additionally, you get full analytics for every song you could possibly be interested in. You’ll have access to complete, historical station playlists, providing you with the most important and helpful information when deciding to book tours, execute marketing campaigns, and more.

So why join RFX Charts? Because it would be silly not to.

  • 100% data-driven
  • Historical analytics
    • Stations, locations, spins metrics
    • Tracks with up to the minute accuracy
  • Statistics broken down by genre, station format
  • Search feature makes locating pertinent information a one-stop shop
  • Upload your adds weekly to our platform to have all station MDs check for new releases in one easy place
    • Save yourself dozens of emails
    • Upload all your adds, and have links to external sites for song downloads

Are you getting the most out of your charting data? If not, RFX Charts might just be the solution for you.

Cost: $495 for a one year subscription. Click here to join.

  • Discounts for multiple subscriptions within an organization

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For Stations

There are a lot of options out there for stations when it comes to charting, so what makes RadioFX Charts worth your while? Unlike NACC or Spinitron, our charts are 100% effortless. No need to manually upload your adds or charts, sorting through oodles of data each week to make sure you are making your promoters happy. RadioFX automatically pulls the metadata from your station’s streams, making charting continuously simple, automatic, and up-to-date.

Additionally, you get access to weekly adds from promoters across genres. No longer will you have to filter through dozens of emails from a crazy number of promoters, all trying to get you to spin something different. Now you can access all the music you could possibly need in one, catch-all place, making your music director’s life so much easier.

For RadioFX subscribers, you get this amazing service free of charge! To find out more about RadioFX and why you might want to join the best mobile platform exclusively for college radio, check us out here. Already have an app but still want access to the greatest charting platform in college radio? Sign up here.

So why join RFX Charts? Because it would be silly not to.

  • Effortless charting, 100% data driven
  • Historical analytics
    • Look back at what gets played on your station each week
    • Automatically updated
  • Statistics broken down by genre, station, format
  • Search feature allows you find interesting data about songs, albums, what other stations are playing, etc.
  • Download all your new music in one place each week - it couldn’t be any easier!

Are you getting the most out of your charting data? If not RFX Charts might just be the solution for you.

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For Artists/Bands

Do you need support with marketing and promoting your shows and tours?

Do you want to reach your audiences, get connected to fans, and get more fans to your shows?

We can help. Get connected with a tour marketing specialists here at RadioFX to learn more.

It's easy, affordable, and best of all, everything is measured.

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